Who is AWEsome Numbers?

AWEsome Numbers Inc. is a small Canadian company with a big dream – to significantly reduce laboratory error by revolutionizing and standardizing the practice of clinical laboratory quality control processes.

AWEsome Numbers was co-founded in 2008 by quality control author, educator and advocate, Zoe Brooks, and quality software designer extraordinaire, Raymond Gerz. With our team, we have created NEW proprietary mathematical algorithms that open the door to a wealth of NEW information and enable automated risk management. We offer far M.O.R.E. than just software. Mathematically-OptimiZed Risk Evaluation™ is a “Farm Fresh approach” that replaces confusing statistical metrics and concepts with clear ‘risk metrics,’ evaluations, graphics and advice that drive consistent, verified processes to meet defined medical goals and acceptable risk levels.
M.O.R.E. Quality™ can be taught and competency-certified within the precious few hours devoted to QC education for the front line laboratory staff. A short online course creates a common language and logic that turns anyone into a competency-verified Risk Assessor, by understanding and following best practices as described in CLSI EP 23-A.
We are team players! AWEsome Numbers Inc. is the proud platinum sponsor of AWEsome-U, a full university-level educational platform, where you can take access videos and resources, take online courses and participate in discussions and studies. We support professional associations, quality consultants, proficiency programs and commercial companies to make courses, services, events and material available through a convenient affiliate program. Any QC software can be upgraded to M.O.R.E. Quality™ … with just a touch of technical magic.
Contact us for M.O.R.E. information and to discuss opportunities.
Editorial CLN Today August 2016

AWEsome Numbers Inc. makes a statement about quality and risk

This editorial ran in ‘CLN Today’ on August at the AACC Annual Meeting in Philadelphia .

Zoe Brooks is a visionary, teacher, author and entrepreneur who has dedicated her career to medical laboratory quality improvement. Zoe created the process of Mathematically-OptimiZed Risk Evaluation™, ‘Risk-Based Quality Grades(c)’ and ‘DIMS test’ (Does It Make Sense.) She is author of the “Performance-Driven Quality Control” text book published by AACC press in 2001 plus numerous publications. Zoe served as an advisor on the CLSI committee to create EP 23-A. Her unique blend of statistical prowess and good old fashioned horse sense create a ‘farm-fresh’ approach to quality control.

Q: Please start by telling us a bit about the company.

A: AWEsome-Numbers Inc. is a privately-held Canadian quality solutions company started in 2008. We help laboratories, regulatory, peer, and proficiency programs ‘upgrade’ their statistical QC processes to verified Risk Management. Our mission statement is “to measurably reduce laboratory error with the new science of Risk Management by revolutionizing and standardizing the practice of clinical laboratory QC processes.”

Q: What’s new about this approach to QC … or is it Risk Management?

A: Mathematically-OptimiZed Risk Evaluation™ upgrades statistical QC & sigma to Risk Management. It removes human error from QC design and interpretation. It replaces statistical assumptions and estimates with locally-approved medical goals, acceptable patient risk limits and measured facts. M.O.R.E. converts thirteen traceable risk drivers to the number, cost and acceptability of error rates. It auto-designs and verifies the QC rules, chart values and QC frequency required to meet the acceptable risk levels. It brings best practices to the front line – and includes a component of staff competency.
CLN Editorial AWEsome
A: Check the graphs. Computerized QC designed to meet medical goals and acceptable risk more than doubles the number of QC processes that can detect a simulated failure in the first run, where most exiting QC processes fail! It meets the IQCP requirement that “At the least, the ability of the QC procedures to detect medically allowable error should be evaluated.”

Q: What makes it Farm-Fresh?

A: We report full sentences, pass/fail evaluations and action flags. We demand 90% competency to earn a certificate. It was created at my farm after immeasurable hours of thought and years of validation.

Q: What do you want most from this show?

We want to connect here with ‘enablers’ – QC authors, consultants, educators, manufacturers and laboratory leaders Our business model is built on an affiliate program to support these enablers to bring this solution to their clients and members. We invite them to join us to rewrite the process of quality control, in open collaboration with peers, using all of today’s advances in knowledge, computing and education.

Q: What products and services do you offer?

We have online courses, e-books, text books and software with packages with a M.O.R.E. Certified Consultant.

CEO and Visionary Zoe Brooks

Zoe Brooks is a visionary, teacher, author, and entrepreneur who has dedicated her career to medical laboratory quality improvement.

Zoe created the process of Mathematically-OptimiZed Risk Evaluation™ and introduced the ‘Risk-Based Quality Grade(c)’ and ‘DIMS test’ to the laboratory community. She is author of the “Performance-Driven Quality Control” text book published by AACC Press in 2001, plus numerous posters and publications. Zoe served as an advisor on the CLSI committee to create EP23-A.

Zoe is co-founder and CEO of AWEsome Numbers Inc., and hostess of the online community at AWEsome-U. In partnership with her husband, Zoe owns and operates Zoe Brooks Quality Consulting, and Nurtural Horse.

Zoe_Tennyson_DI love horses and nature and poetry – and the exquisitely complex mathematical relationships and logic that drive quality and QC effectiveness. I have been fascinated with quality control for decades. More importantly, I have implemented and improved the fundamental concepts presented in this book over many years in many laboratories.

I take the statistics apart and I put them back together for fun. I realize, however, that few people share that enthusiasm, and that statistics are themselves a major impediment to effective QC. I am very excited to finally reveal to you a new process that literally takes statistics out of the equation and delivers all their information to you in clear words and graphics. The algorithms we use to create the new Risk Metrics and Risk Graphics have evolved over twenty years.

Adding the numerical value of acceptable risk has opened a wealth of new understanding, metrics and capabilities. I have learned more NEW information in the past two years than the prior ten.

With age comes wisdom, and occasionally the nerve to try to make a change in the world. I have come to realize that few people share my appreciation of exquisitely complex mathematics, but most would like the improved quality of daily life and patient outcome they can bring. With today’s technology, it makes good horse sense to translate the numbers into sentences and graphics that are verified effective and easy to understand.

I love to teach. I am determined to solve the problem of ineffective laboratory QC and make a measurable improvement in patient care. New math and new software are not enough to bring change; we need to develop and verify competency programs that teach people to manage risk.

With the involvement of quality authors, researchers, consultants and active practitioners, we can improve quality dramatically now, and create an ongoing process to turn best practices into routine practices.

Why is this farm fresh?
Grade_A_Eggsisk management is remarkably simple – if you let the computer do the stats. Think at a higher level first. If we can grade eggs, we can grade lab tests.

Let’s make M.O.R.E. Quality!


We turn factual risk drivers into clear Risk Metrics and Risk Graphics with Pass/Fail ratings, action flags and a verified risk-effective QC Strategy – including frequency.

Our educational programs pass the DIMS Test – Does It Make Sense?

We use clear language and meaningful examples to bring the fundamentals of risk management to life. Measure current risk and cost – and project the number of errors that can be avoided by routinely mathematically-optimizing QC processes.

DIMS = Does It Make Sense

Courses are divided by competencies required for:

  • Risk Assessors
  • Risk Controllers
  • Risk Managers
  • Risk Masters


ZBQC-Seal-001_ExampleOur courses and competency examinations carry the Zoe Brooks Seal Of Quality.

The final examinations verify your ability to interpret risk metrics, risk graphics and action flags to protect patients from unacceptable risk.

It takes 90% to earn a certificate.