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Compare what you were taught about sigma in medical laboratories.  This essay was written by a freelance writer, Ranjesh Kumar, who is a greenbelt in six sigma in a manufacturing setting.    Statistical Quality Control – A bible for the quality? The Statistical quality control was best defined by the one of ... Read More
June 18, 2018Zoe Brooks


Did you see the Canadian TV documentary "Motherisk hair testing scandal" documentary, or have you had experience with medical laboratory results that misled doctors or lawyers to harm patients? The inherent root problem is twofold and widespread: people with zero proof of competency in best practice assume responsibility for laboratory ... Read More
October 23, 2017Zoe Brooks


Zoe C. Brooks, ART, AWEsome Numbers Inc. Sudbury, ON, Canada; George Sweeney, MLS(ASCP)CM, M.O.R.E. Quality Consultant, USA
September 8, 2017Zoe Brooks


The clock is ticking down to the start of the AACC 2017 Annual Meeting/ASCLS Annual Meeting! If you click on the image below, you will be taken to the page on our site where you have the opportunity to complete an anonymous survey, the results of which ... Read More
July 25, 2017Zoe Brooks


Invitation to Quality Researchers: Do you study, or are you keenly interested in: Sigma metrics? Six sigma? QC charts and rules? Risk management processes? Variations in patient data? Quantifying the cost of laboratory errors? Balancing time and money for QC to risk-based ... Read More
June 21, 2017Zoe Brooks


Risk Management and Quality Control in Mass Spectrometry Zoe C. Brooks, ART AWEsome Numbers Inc., Sudbury, ON, Canada John Hopkins, BSc(Hons) Clinical Mass Spectrometry Consulting Ltd George Sweeney, MLS(ASCP)CM M.O.R.E. Quality Consultant LC/MS offers many advantages over other techniques in terms of specificity, accuracy and precision, but existing quality control processes are challenged to ... Read More
June 21, 2017Zoe Brooks


Join our panelists to discover the OUTCOME of fixing the six common human errors  in statistical QC. Send data.  Take surveys.  Prove to yourself how following best practice as described in CLSI EP23-A, ISO and CLIA can guide you clearly through these six critical steps of statistical QC - to reduce ... Read More
January 13, 2017Zoe Brooks


Starring Rebecca, with thanks to all the good sports at Sheer Vanity in Espanola, Ontario. Risk - Combination of the probability of occurrence of harm and the severity of that harm (ISO/IEC Guide 51.) What did I do? I contemplated the risk of allowing someone I never met to cut my hair to her ... Read More
December 1, 2016Zoe Brooks


I am looking for book reviewers / collaborators to explore the opportunities of a NEW mathematical QC process and help me clarify the message. M.O.R.E. Quality is a new perspective and process for laboratory quality control that holds promise to reduce existing error rates by 50%. Every step is referenced to ... Read More
November 29, 2016Zoe Brooks