Book reviewers / collaborators wanted! A Farm-Fresh Approach to Quality

Book reviewers / collaborators wanted! A Farm-Fresh Approach to Quality

I am looking for book reviewers / collaborators to explore the opportunities of a NEW mathematical QC process and help me clarify the message.

M.O.R.E. Quality is a new perspective and process for laboratory quality control that holds promise to reduce existing error rates by 50%. Every step is referenced to CLSI EP 23-A. It clearly connects QC results to the number and clinical/legal cost of patient results that are medically-unreliable. M.O.R.E. Quality brings structure and standardization throughout multiple instruments, departments or sites. It creates a common language for everyone who cares about laboratory quality.

The premise of Mathematically-OptimiZed Risk Evaluation is that “If the laboratory director develops medical goals and acceptable risk levels – approved by local physicians – then software can automate the QC process to meet those standards.”

You can either
A. Play a role in changing how quality is performed or
B. Please, prove me wrong. If I am right, medical laboratories are reporting MANY errors unnecessarily.

Send me a message and (in exchange for your promise to post comments and suggestions) I will send you Edition 1 of “M.O.R.E. QUALITY – Mathematically-OptimiZed Risk Evaluation”

This offer is limited and will end without notice


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