Consultant: John P. Hopkins

CEO Clinical Mass Spectrometry Consulting Ltd, CIO eDRUID.

John specializes in mass spectrometry and chromatography

John is an analytical chemist by training, with 25 years’ experience in chromatography, and 18 years’ experience of mass spectrometry, gained in the pharmaceutical and polymer industries, and more recently at Waters as Senior Clinical Solutions Specialist, before leaving to start his own company, CMSC Ltd.

John is particularly interested in improving patient outcomes by implementing the best analytical practices, and it is with this in mind that he established CMSC to serve clinical laboratories. John works with client laboratories on novel methodologies, workflow optimization, feasibility datasets, Audit readiness, as well as providing tools for data extraction, processing and dashboarding. More recently, John has been working with AWEsome Numbers to help launch their software and create trial datasets in order to put in place systems which control patient risk.

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John's Blog

John P. Hopkins

I first came across M.O.R.E. Quality when I was searching for someone else who was trying to improve patient care from the pathology lab. I honestly assumed that these labs were evaluating the quality of their assays correctly, but soon realised that this wasn’t the case. Zoe invited me to the discussions she was having with other consultants, and the potential benefits for my clients and their patients became clear. Without comparing analytical QC data against potential medical risks, the QC are meaningless! I believe that this approach will not only ensure analytical compliance, but reduces costs and patient risk.

LC/MS offers many advantages over other techniques in terms of specificity, accuracy and precision but monitoring the analytical performance against healthcare objectives and risks truly unleashes the utility of MS in assisting the diagnosis, monitoring and treatment of many diseases.

Up to now, typical monitoring of QC utilised only Westgard rules without due regard for the medically required accuracy and precision, only what is analytically achievable.