Find a M.O.R.E. Quality Certified consultant. Become a consultant – Join our team!

M.O.R.E. Quality Consultants:

  1. Are experienced in medical laboratory technology quality control at the front line
    1. They understand your language and your real-life problems
  2. Have obtained at least 90% in their examination as a
    1. Risk Assessor, or
    2. Risk Controller, or
    3. Risk Manager, or
    4. Risk Master, AND
    5. M.O.R.E. Quality Consultant
  3. Have contributed with the consultant team on customer projects
  4. Have access to educational material, quality simulators and software
  5. Are part of a team determined to make a difference in laboratory quality

Learn M.O.R.E.! Join our team for a Quality Chat

M.O.R.E. Quality consultants can guide you through the initial introduction and the shock of new information, and provide ongoing problem-solving and management advice.

Fix these six human hazards in statistical QC.


Attention: quality consultants! Offer your clients M.O.R.E.! Add the Teal Seal to your card.


As a certified M.O.R.E. Quality consultant, you can:

  1. Earn NEW money with
    1. Referrals and generous commission on iQCP consulting programs you deliver
    2. Discount and affiliate program for AWEsome books, courses and services
    3. Your blog and services promoted through AWEsome newsletters and social media
  2. Gain NEW exposure with
    1. Your blog and services promoted through AWEsome newsletters and social media
    2. Dedicated web site page to describe your experience and services
    3. Your blog, posted on main company blog page
  3. Influence change with
    1. A seat at the table to collaborate on the design and validation of solutions your clients need
    2. Invitations to participate in studies and publications
  4. Expand your resources with
    1. A personal client scheduling program
    2. PowerPoint slides and graphics
    3. Optional web site design and management, newsletter and email marketing programs,
  5. Offer your clients M.O.R.E.!

To become a M.O.R.E. Quality Consultant, you must:

  1. Obtain at least 90% in the Risk Assessor, Risk Controller or Risk Manager exam
  2. Submit a book review to publish
  3. Sign a contract
  4. Participate in client projects with other consultants until competency certified

To maintain certification as a M.O.R.E. Quality Consultant, you must:

  1. Meet agreed acceptable ranges for blog posts, projects completed, sales of products and services
  2. Pass an annual re-certification examination

Send me M.O.R.E. details.

Risk Management is a Team Sport.


M.O.R.E. Quality™ brings structure and standardization throughout multiple instruments, departments or sites. It creates a common language for everyone who cares about laboratory quality. That common language is critical because quality is no longer just a statistic; risk is measured as the number and clinical/legal cost of patient results that are medically-unreliable. Risk is acceptable when ‘The PIPS’ (Patients, Institutions, Physicians and Society ‘ are willing to risk the consequences.

The premise of Mathematically-OptimiZed Risk Evaluation is that “If the laboratory director develops medical goals and acceptable risk levels – approved by local physicians – then software can automate the QC process to meet those standards.”

M.O.R.E. Quality™ concepts and software enhance what people already know and do, but you need to look from a slightly different perspective and dare to question the status quo. That’s where our certified consultants come in. They have just seen this perspective and asked those questions; they can explain your specific results.

We understand your challenges and can help make life easier!


iQCP = introductory Quality Consulting Program