Consultant: Zoe Brooks

C.E.O., Visionary AWEsome Numbers Inc., Creator of M.O.R.E. Quality™

Zoe loves challenges, problem-solving and inspiring teams! Multi-lab organizations or programs, and small labs are my favourites.

Zoe has over 40 years of intense focus on medical laboratory quality control as a bench technologist for 3 short years, then as laboratory manager, regional manager, consultant, author, lecturer and more recently a self-proclaimed visionary. She has published educational courses and books; taught an online post-grad course for ten years at UMDNJ/Rutgers University in New Jersey; served on CLSI committees including EP 23A Laboratory Quality Control based on Risk Management; and had the pleasure of working/learning directly with several QC researchers and authors. Zoe has reviewed thousands of QC charts and taught (and been taught by) hundreds of students and colleagues.

Zoe Brooks first implemented and published automated QC selection and problem solving over 20 years ago. She used medical goals and computerized QC to transform six remote laboratories from ‘non-proficient and non-remedial’ to a model regional program – before CLIA limits and biological variation goals existed. . The impact of this process in practice and in theory. You can see some publications and early posters at ResearchGate

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Did you see the Canadian TV documentary "Motherisk hair testing scandal" documentary, or have you had experience with medical laboratory results that misled doctors or lawyers to harm patients? The inherent root problem is twofold and widespread: people with zero proof of competency in best practice assume responsibility for laboratory ... Read More
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June 21, 2017Zoe Brooks


Join our panelists to discover the OUTCOME of fixing the six common human errors  in statistical QC. Send data.  Take surveys.  Prove to yourself how following best practice as described in CLSI EP23-A, ISO and CLIA can guide you clearly through these six critical ... Read More
January 13, 2017Zoe Brooks

Zoe Brooks

Since my first Chief Technologist job in 1974, with a whole 3 years experience, my professional life has focused on the duty to create high quality patient results. I am fascinated by the exquisitely intricate math and logic that drive laboratory quality control, and the globally common problems that both cause and prevent their effective implementation.

With time, and horses, comes wisdom, horse sense, a first hand understanding of risk management – and the confidence to speak frankly. There is a problem with laboratory quality that we can easily solve.

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