Do 70% of medical decisions depend on laboratory results?

Written by Zoe Brooks

Published on July 26, 2020

The votes are in on LinkedIn, and the belief still stands, despite the lack of evidence and several articles to the contrary.  As scientists, should we not demand proof?

Check “The ‘70% claim’: what is the evidence base?”  or “Dispelling the 70% Claim with Laboratory’s True Value”

This interesting publication by Quest promotes the claim, but provides no proof. “70% of medical decisions are based on lab results.   Solutions to optimize operations, improve quality and lower costs at hospital clinical labs.”

Where do we go from here?  How would one quantify the value of laboratory results?  I would like to believe this is true, but I need proof.  I would happily help crunch and publish data if anyone wants to publish.

Laboratory results undeniably have value.  They also carry risk and cost to patients and the healthcare system.

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