Invitation to Quality Researchers

Invitation to Quality Researchers

Invitation to Quality Researchers:

Do you study, or are you keenly interested in: Sigma metrics? Six sigma? QC charts and rules? Risk management processes? Variations in patient data? Quantifying the cost of laboratory errors? Balancing time and money for QC to risk-based standards. How to set error limits? If you said Yes to any of these, or are keenly interested to do so, please add your expertise and curiosity to this project.

Dr Westgard’s recent survey has proven once again that statistical quality control is not working.
Please join me to explore an alternative based on the specific directions for risk management in CLSI 23-A. “Mathematically-OptimiZed Risk Evaluation” or “M.O.R.E. Quality” is a transformation change in quality management, within and beyond the laboratory. I believe we can cut the number of laboratory errors currently reported by 50%.

Would you like to submit data and join the team to roll up your sleeves to prove or disprove that hypothesis?
Contact me here, or at

This invitation was originally posted at researchgate, . You can find some of my previous work there, and a host of relevant articles.

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