See how you can improve your methods, reduce lab error,
reduce risk, lower costs, and meet regulations

Manage Risk Not Stats Why should you care?

Quickly Get to the answers you need

Does it take you or your staff weeks or even a month to sift through stacks of reports and unintelligible statistical jargon to be able to analyze the previous month of data?

With easy to understand M.O.R.E. Quality reports, visualizations, quality and risk metrics, you can get the information that you need right away:

  1. We provide Quality Grades (A, B, C, D, F) so you can see how your methods are performing and then review methods that are underperforming
  2. We display PASS or FAIL for many metrics so you see immediately where the issues are
  3. Review hundreds of methods in minutes with our summary reports
  4. Reports are designed to work well across multiple sites and specific to roles for lab director, lab manager, supervisor, clinical chemist and lab tech.

Properly Design your Quality Control Strategies and Processes

Our M.O.R.E. Quality reports can give you exactly the information you need to properly design your QC strategies and processes. You can try different scenarios that will allow you to forecast how a method will perform if there is a shift.

M.O.R.E. Quality auto-recommends and verifies QC process to meet acceptable risk criteria.

Easily fine-tune and troubleshoot your methods. This will help you to avoid costly errors through poorly designed QC.

M.O.R.E. Quality is driven by locally-approved medical goals and acceptable risk criteria (ARCs) to meet medical & financial standards.

Effective Recommendations for all levels of staff

Get recommendations specific to the different roles in your organization. Following the recommendations will allow you to trouble-shoot and fine-tune your methods over time. You will also be able to document and monitor how the recommendations improve your quality as well.

Recommendations, actions and investigations can be tailored to your health-care organization or laboratory.

Front-line actions can be consistently guided by M.O.R.E. Quality recommendations across multiple sites.


Manage & Mitigate Risk

Ensure your laboratory is meeting regulations – ISO; CMS’ IQCP and CLSI’s EP23A. Our software is designed from the ground up to follow regulations. We try to implement wording from the regulations into the software as much as we can so you will be aware. Our reports will show if you are passing or failing regulations so you can make improvements right away. Also, using our reports, you can document how your quality improved to meet the regulations.

As a laboratory director or manager, you can protect the reputation of your health-care organization and laboratories. M.O.R.E. quality software will help you to mitigate financial risk as well as risk of litigation from bad patient results being released.

Easy to Get Started!

We can show you how to get your twelve risk drivers for each method. Once your methods are set up, you only have to send your quality control data each month. Each month after the first one is used to refine your methods. We will do everything else!

We can show you how to find your twelve risk drivers for each method. Once your methods are set up and configured, you only have to send in your quality control data each month. You can talk to us about automating this process as well. We will do everything else!

Finally, AWEsome Numbers has an International Consulting Program that is designed to help customers get started for a reasonable cost.


Start managing your Quality Control smarter, faster and more accurately

NEW best practice

Recent publications from ISO, CLIA, CLSI EP 23-A, CMS and others describe general guidelines for Risk Management. They also describe specific steps required to ensure acceptable patient risk for numerical laboratory results that are controlled by statistical quality control practices. These steps require subtle yet fundamental changes in existing mathematical algorithms of statistical QC. Step one is to define the level of error that creates unacceptable risk.

QC that does what you want!

Have you secretly yearned for a QC system that would just spit out 3 virtual stacks of reports that are stamped either:

  1. “This is good; here’s the QC process to make sure it stays good.”
  2. “This is OK but close; improve this and ramp up QC to watch it carefully. Here’s how.” Or
  3. “This is unacceptable. Stop now and fix the problem. Here’s how.”

You can have that QC system!

Prove it! Risk Free

Put yourself in the driver’s seat of ‘Prof Zoe’s Risk Simulator’ to see how specific risk drivers and your QC choices determine the number and clinical/legal costs of medically-unreliable results reported. Make changes. See the impact. Follow the recommendations. Discover how QC software that employs “Mathematically-OptimiZed Risk Evaluation” can measurably reduce healthcare risk and cost – by making it easy for you to implement best practices for numerical QC.

What is the M.O.R.E. Quality Process?

M.O.R.E. Quality™ (Mathematically-OptimiZed Risk Evaluation™) is a disruptive new Quality Control risk management solution. It auto-designs a statistical QC process that is verified to prevent reporting an unacceptable number of medically-unreliable results.

It’s 2017! Go beyond six sigma! Let the computer just tell staff what the numbers mean and the logical action required.

We combine an effective, powerful, step-by-step process to properly evaluate and dramatically improve your existing quality control. Our revolutionary software will analyze your quality control data and suggest quality control strategies and recommendations in easy-to-understand reports. We also provide education with competency verification that will keep your staff on the same page.

M.O.R.E. Quality™ software reports with integrated education and ongoing competency verification are available for individual laboratories, and to existing providers of QC software and peer review, PT, or EQA programs. We want to help you make a measurable difference in patient care. Check out our quality consulting program.

Features of M.O.R.E. Quality

M.O.R.E. Quality™ cloud-based software platform:

  • is referenced to specific recommendations in CLSI EP 23-A
  • is designed to enhance, not replace, statistical QC software and sigma metrics
  • is able to remove most opportunities for human error from QC design and interpretation
  • is driven by locally-approved medical goals and acceptable risk criteria (ARCs) to meet medical & financial standards
  • enables multi-site risk management
  • consistently guides front line action
  • removes 90% of human error from QC
  • projects financial benefits of improved quality
  • creates risk metrics, evaluations & recommendations
  • auto recommends & verifies QC process to meet ARCs
  • is clear, accurate, dependable and effective

At regular review of QC data, M.O.R.E Quality software reports:

  • provide clear, consistent guidance to meet your defined medical goals and acceptable risk criteria
  • quantify the existing number and cost of quality failures represented by each QC sample to determine “Is patient risk acceptable today?”
  • go beyond sigma to create intuitive risk metrics, evaluations and recommendations
  • conveys acceptability of quality to lay people in plain language in full sentences, not statistical jargon
  • projects financial benefits of improved risk management
  • simulates a shift in QC data to determine “Would the existing QC process detect unacceptable risk if the analytical process failed tomorrow?”
  • recommends and verifies a consistent complete QC strategy for each QC sample based on data reviewed


Regular review reports go beyond sigma to convert QC data beyond sigma to the number and cost of Medically-Unreliable Results. In this example, an ‘acceptable risk criteria’ set at 2 sigma equates to acceptable risk of over 2,000 MURs per year. At a clinical cost of $100/MUR, this laboratory has set its acceptable risk exposure at $237,000. Does that sound acceptable to you?

M.O.R.E. Quality™ empowers laboratories to report results that are acceptable to Patients, Institutions, Physicians and Society. We call them ‘The PIPS.’ Acceptability of risk is determined by “The PIPS”, the people who use the results, pay for the results and suffer the consequences of medically-unreliable results, say it is. M.O.R.E. Quality™gives them consistent, meaningful, fact-based information – free of assumptions and statistical jargon.

Once the laboratory director develops medical goals and acceptable risk criteria – approved by ‘The PIPS’ – then M.O.R.E. Quality™ software (if provided the right facts) can design, verify and soon automate the mathematically-optimum QC process to alert staff if QC results fail to meet those standards. Laboratory directors and Quality Managers can be sure that the QC process provides the same consistent interpretation and action advice to all staff.

AWEsome Numbers, with AWEsome-U, creates a community where laboratory consultants, researchers and front line professionals are invited to validate and continuously improve our software, educational programs and competency tests to make sure M.O.R.E. Quality™ is clear, practical and effective in practice.

How will you Benefit from using the M.O.R.E. Quality Process?

Lower Patient Risk

The M.O.R.E. (Mathematically OptimiZed Risk Evaluation) process will help you to dramatically lower patient risk by ensuring that fewer bad patient results are released. Make physicians and patients happy!

Save Time

Instead of wasting time reviewing stacks of reports and confusing statistical jargon, use our CatalystQC reports to see your method performance at a glance through powerful summary reports, charts and quality grades. Use your time for more important tasks!

Reduce Costs

Using our M.O.R.E. (Mathematically OptimiZed Risk Evalution) process will help you to reduce clinical costs and optimize resource utilization and laboratory costs within your laboratory. Be sure you are spending money on the right things!

Reduce Laboratory Error

Reduce existing statistical laboratory error by as much as 50% by using M.O.R.E. Quality. It clearly connects QC results to the number and clinical/legal cost of patient results that are medically-unreliable. Recognize lab errors within one run!

Improve Communication

Develop consistent, role specific communication for laboratory quality control throughout your organization. Learn and use the same terms, methodology and report interpretations.

Meet Regulations

Meet regulations such as CMS’ IQCP and CLSI’s Guideline EP23A quality control and risk management requirements by documenting your laboratory and method performance.

M.O.R.E. Quality software, educational and competency programs are designed to be reasonably licensed to individual laboratories or group, manufacturers of QC software, proficiency, regulatory, EQA and educational institutions.

Tell your professional association. We encourage participation in professional associations and have an affiliate program so they can offer their members discounts, support a culture that celebrates quality and earn much-needed funds.

Ask your QC provider for the original validated process for M.O.R.E. Quality™! Our math is different!